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Choose the best Sales Material for the High-Tech Marketing Challenge

Once they consider sales materials, many people think only of the sales brochure. For top-tech products, various materials can sort out a number of marketing situations. The rules presented here can help you choose the best materials for typical technology marketing challenges.

Launching something new

The launch of something new can generate numerous materials, from a multi-page glossy sales brochure to some three-inch shelf tag. A sales brochure or data sheet is nearly mandatory in cases like this. Potential customers, sales agents, and dealers all expect a document that is definitely the essential details about the product’s benefits and features, specifications, system needs, and potential uses.

An announcement to alert journalists and analysts from the cool product is yet another document generally produced for each cool product. The discharge might be packaged right into a press package which contains other relevant materials for that affiliate marketing, like a technical backgrounder, company booklet, along with a sheet of endorsement quotes from analysts or early customers.

With respect to the nature from the product and also the launch, many other materials might be helpful for attracting market interest:

· A white-colored paper can explain a fundamental technology or describe the merchandise poor a customer’s atmosphere.

· Application notes let you know that the merchandise operates for a number of uses or purposes.

· A variety guide provides insights for selecting among product options or models according to sizes, features, or any other characteristics.

Many high-tech companies produce a special section of their Internet sites for every cool product, which makes it simple for people to rapidly find all related information.

Promoting a brand new Version

Marketing a brand new version or upgrade of the existing product can involve most of the same activities and materials because the launch of the entirely cool product. For instance, a brand new version typically requires updating a sales brochure or data sheet, issuing an announcement, creating new application notes, and revising a variety guide.

Upgrading guide can also be needed it’s a unique document geared to current users, helping them decide whether or not to buy the latest version.

Addressing Untouched Markets

After experiencing success in a single market, a higher-tech company might wish to promote the merchandise in untouched markets. These markets might be based on industry, operating-system, consumer versus business, or any other dimension.

Addressing a brand new market results in adapting current materials, tailoring these to the concerns and messages vital that you individuals new prospects. In certain markets, these variations are substantial enough to want a totally new group of materials–especially brochures and customer situation studies.

Marketing materials may also be localized in multiple languages to be able to achieve a brand new geographic or cultural market. Localized materials must appropriately reflect variations in business practices, technology base, communication style, legal needs, and product availability in every market.

Setting an order Agenda

Complex technology products typically involve a extended sales cycle along with a purchase decision produced by a committee rather of the individual. During these situations, the committee may evaluate several products against a mentioned group of criteria, which can be somewhat biased toward one product vendor.

Influencing a purchaser’s evaluation criteria prior to the merchandise comparison activity is called “setting the agenda.” Marketers use materials for example white-colored papers, articles led to industry magazines or technical journals, and product comparison worksheets to assist shape the purchaser’s criteria and decision.

Counteracting your competition

Openly a minimum of, most high-tech companies simply ignore competitors, rather marketing their very own products as if they’re the only real choice a prospect would ever consider. Yet some product groups are extremely highly competitive that the company must directly address the marketing claims and activities of competitors.

Materials which are helpful for counteracting your competition include reprints of product critiques and test results, in addition to comments from industry analysts that directly endorse the product’s strengths and advantages.

Also helpful might be charts or reports that present an element-by-feature comparison of the product and it is competitors. However, direct product comparisons should be done carefully. An evaluation according to any mistakes can backfire and possibly create legal issues for the organization.

Encouraging Customer Loyalty

Although most marketing communication attempts are targeted at attracting new clients, high-tech companies notice that retaining current customers is essential to promote success. Materials to inspire customer loyalty include regular newsletters, cool product notices, and user communications. This stuff could be distributed as print documents, e-mail, or posts around the product or company blog.

The Best Material for that Challenge

The complexness on most high-tech products presents numerous challenges for sales and marketing. By thinking past the sales brochure, you may choose the best mixture of sales materials to deal with these challenges.

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