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Non-Profit Technology – 5 Signs Your Non-Profit Needs Technical Help

Whenever your plumbing needs repair, then chances are you don’t call your loved ones physician- you call a plumber, right?! It can’t seem sensible to the physician to repair your plumbing, however, many nonprofits do exactly that when confronted with their technology needs. When the staff are talking to using the Chief executive officer regarding a printer that is not working or perhaps a slower than normal web connection, that’s nearly as crazy as calling the physician directly into repair the pipes. Listed here are 5 apparent signs your non-profit needs serious technical help:

The reply to every situation becomes: “Just power it down and switch it back on. Which should repair it.” When the staff at the non-profit organization are spending time looking for methods to equipment that is not working the actual way it should, that’s wasted man power. Getting a passionate IT plan to handle these situations, as well as prevent most of them from happening is a far greater utilization of sources and more effective time-wise than wishing employees can determine and solve the issue.

Employees have labeled another employee because the “computer person”. You will find most likely a couple of individuals the business who’ve reasonably good computer skills– but odds are, the V . P . of Finance has more essential things you can do with their time than help Sally look for a document in her own computer’s files. Getting support services designated to those issues means the V . P . of Finance can really obtain the finance work done.

The brand new girl requested how frequently things get backed-up, and everybody else thought she was speaking concerning the line towards the water cooler. If you are not regularly copying your files, you can finish up losing everything vital that you your non-profit organization. Data ought to be monitored and supported every day, in addition to organized to allow restoration if loss of data does occur.

You want to focus on the ABC file, but it is stored on Michael’s computer (and Michael is on holiday for the following 5 days- looking for the file is like searching for any needle within the haystack- after 5 days of searching, still it wasn’t found). If several people ever includes a have to connect to the same information, it ought to be kept in shared network folders, therefore it does not matter whether individuals are at work or otherwise- the data could be retrieved by anybody with accessibility folder. This may improve productivity if staff aren’t waiting 5 days to gain access to personal files!

You believe remote access has something related to having the ability to discover the TV remote when you wish it. Non-profit organizations can frequently take advantage of the capability to access their network of computers and knowledge from the remote location- that’s, someplace apart from their desk. Getting technology the aid of a managed IT company will help you set this up and demonstrate using it in your favor.

Really, probably the most apparent sign that you are looking for technology there’s help if you’ve ever found yourself in the office thinking there has to be an easy method- odds are it might be worth a couple of minutes of your energy to judge whether your non-profit organization has got the technology support it requires for improved productivity and efficiency. Make certain you do this evaluation with someone IT qualified- and never always the V . P . of Finance.

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