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Permanent Disability After a Car Accident: You Need Compensation to Keep Going

Vehicle accidents can range in severity. If you have been hurt in a car accident, you are probably suffering from physical, emotional, or financial consequences. But, if your accident resulted in a permanent disability, the consequences are even more serious. Thankfully, you can seek compensation with the help of car accident attorneys in Portland. A permanent disability affects your quality of life, ability to care for yourself, and productivity.

When a Disability is Permanent

 You have a permanent disability when you sustain an injury that makes it impossible for you to perform normal work duties or take part in everyday activities you used to engage in before the crash. A permanent disability is ongoing and will impact you forever. It can be a partial disability or total disability. 

What to Expect When You Have a Permanent Disability

Although each car crash is possibly devastating, accidents that result in permanent disabilities can be particularly tragic. Permanent disabilities can have adverse effects on your work, quality of life, and personal life. Thus, it is important to secure compensation if your disability from the negligent action of another person. 

A permanent injury results in extensive medical treatment, hospital stays, and other expenses, as well as creates ongoing future expenses. Each case is unique and should be assessed in relation to your losses, together with expected future losses. A skilled attorney will help you establish the extent of your damages and fight for the compensation you are entitled to. 

Because of your disability, you may not be able to work. Although you might be able to get financial assistance from the government, it won’t be enough. Your ability to continue to work depends on the kind of disability you suffer from and whether you can find a job that can accommodate your disability. 

Moreover, permanent disabilities can also have long recovery periods. Thus, it could take months or years of treatment or therapy before you can go back to your normal life. During such time, you accumulate medical bills while you cannot generate income to settle them. 

How Permanent Disabilities Occur in a Car Accident

Car accidents can result in permanent disabilities depending on their severity and the circumstances. They can lead to paralysis because of trauma to the spinal cord, limb amputation, traumatic brain injuries, sensory deprivations, serious burns, back and neck injuries, other injuries. These conditions are catastrophic to you and have serious repercussions for your family and friends.  

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