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Things You Should Know Before Any Amazon Suspension Appeal

Amazon is a very big platform for both sellers and buyers. It is also a very old and trustworthy platform for a very long time. It is a secured platform as it has a big list of rules and regulations which make it a trustworthy platform. But at the same time, many sellers feel injustice and they have so many questions that remain unanswered because their account gets suspended. They get shocked as this happens suddenly and most of the time they don’t even get the reason for this and they feel helpless about where they will get support for the amazon suspension appeal.

It is not easy to undergo the loss of getting suddenly suspended from such a big platform as it is also a big fact that this platform is a large source of income.

There Are Different Types Of Suspensions Actions That Are Taken By Amazon Against The Sellers:

1. Account Suspension

A seller can do an amazon suspension appeal when his account gets suspended by amazon but at the same time, it is also necessary that you are ideally appealing for the account. If you are found guilty it will be wrong for you. If you know that what are the things are done by you that compelled amazon to suspend your seller account completely then you should ideally not go for any kind of appeals. Amazon is a big platform but yes there are things that remain unsolved that why an account is suspended sometimes and it might come in your favor too if you are not guilty.

2. Listing Suspension

Another suspension which is done by Amazon is listing suspension and this listing suspension is done when any seller sells something against the amazon policies like something illegal. In this case, they suspend some of the listings from the seller account.

Appeal Guru reviews are one of the biggest hope for the suspended seller’s account. It is a very big team of experienced staff. No doubt appeal guru reviews help a lot to the genuine appeals but it is also necessary that the seller is running a healthy account. Because it is verified at a high level that why amazon takes this big step. As we all know that Amazon is a very well-known and established platform of eCommerce. It will not let his users go unnecessarily. Before going for any appeal you should have clarified that you didn’t violate the policies decided by amazon for a seller account.

It is a bit tough process but no doubt appeal guru reviews are a very genuine and expert team if you are loyal. If you didn’t violate any rules any work ethically then they will surely provide you the best solutions in your favor. They will never support the wrong and work for justice. The only goal of the team is to choose and support the right and this gives the seller a big trust that there is someone to support them genuinely.

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