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Things You Shouldn’t Do with Your Office Air Conditioner

Air conditioners vary from one model and brand to another. However, a good one could last an average of 15 to 20 years. But although they are designed to work that long, proper care is still needed to ensure they reach their maximum lifespan. Neglecting the AC in your office could lead to breakdowns or premature replacement, which can be costly. Moreover, not having a properly functioning air conditioning system could cause discomfort to your staff and customers. It can also cause your office equipment, like computers, to overheat due to uncontrolled temperature. Knowing the proper way to care for your AC can help ensure it functions efficiently. But it’s also beneficial to be aware of things you should not do to avoid these mistakes. We listed some of them below.

Placing appliances near the units

Various appliances in the office, including computers and printers, emit heat, so placing them near your air conditioning unit is a huge mistake. They would increase the room temperature, making the air conditioning work harder to lower it. It could take a toll on the cooling system, leading to damage.

Skipping on the maintenance

Commercial air conditioners should have regular maintenance to keep them at their peak condition and to prevent potential issues before they worsen. Unfortunately, many companies skip servicing their AC and only get it checked when they encounter a problem. So, have office air conditioning maintenance at least once or twice a year to ensure efficiency. Don’t think it is an added expense because fixing a malfunctioning air conditioner could be more expensive.

Not replacing filters

Air filters are meant to be replaced, but many businesses fail to do that too. Most professionals in the HVAC industry recommend replacing the filters every three months. But depending on how much dirt or dust your office accumulates, you may need to do it more frequently. When the filter is clogged with dirt and debris, it could block the air passage, making it harder for the unit to cool the room. Plus, it could affect indoor air quality, causing health concerns like nausea, headache, rashes, and fatigue.

Blocking air vents

The air vents are where cooled air passes through to be distributed to the rooms. Be careful where you place things around the office, including furniture, appliances, and decorations. Do not let them block the air vents because the cooling system will also take longer to make the temperature comfortable.

Failure to get the right AC size

Do not install an AC without considering your needs, as you might get one that’s either too small or too big for your office. Think about your work area and the traffic it gets when choosing the air conditioner size. If unsure, be ready with the details, and the AC specialist can recommend the best one for you.

An air conditioner is an essential appliance in the workplace that need proper care as it ensures comfort to employees and clients. Avoid making the said mistakes to keep your AC running efficiently.

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